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Beginner Saltwater Fishing Tips: Tide & Moon Phases

Beginner Saltwater Fishing Tips: Tide & Moon Phases
Saltwater Fishing Tips > Moon and Tidal Phases

In this series of posts, we’ve covered some of the best tips for novice saltwater fishermen. With a little practice and familiarity with equipment, you can get your bearings for ocean fishing in no time. Arguably the most important is understanding tides and moon phases, and how they affect your safety and ability to catch prime fish. Whether you’re a novice or experienced fisherman, ensure your boat is protected with a Boat Insurance policy.

Moon phases.

According to Take Me Fishing, lunar phases can affect when to fish saltwater areas in a few different ways. First, a full or new moon sheds more light on the water at night, which can affect the feeding patterns of fish since it’s easier for them to see and feed. Second, during a full or new moon, the saltwater tides are stronger due to the pull of gravity. Stronger currents will mean more active baitfish and other prey making for optimal fishing tide times.


The ocean’s tides have everything to do with the success of your fishing trip. Consider the following:

  • Slack tide: This means that the water is relatively stagnant and not moving much. This is not the ideal time to fish as there isn’t much movement to bring the fish you want to catch.
  • Incoming tide: This is generally the optimal time to fish since the current will be bringing baitfish, crustaceans and other prey in towards land.
  • Active tide: Opposite of slack tide, this means that baitfish and predators are active, giving you more opportunity to make a catch.

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