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How to get the best boat Insurance rates and discounts

There are many different types of boats out there for personal use. You may have a bow-rider, pontoon boat, fishing boat, houseboat or maybe even a yacht. It may seem a little overwhelming deciding which or what type of insurance coverage to purchase.You should look for a Company that offers the best coverage and discounts for the best affordable rates.

At Mariners Insurance Group, we have the experience to make sure your boat is fully covered in case of a loss. Not only do we suggest the proper coverage you need, but we also have access to various boat insurers that offer best rates and discounts. All boats are classified by the type, use, size, hp of the motors and the waters it is used. We also look for all the discounts that are available.

Boat, Motor and trailer Coverage
It does’t matter which type of boat you own, but it does matter that you carry the proper coverage. Here is a list of the main type of coverage available to purchase.

Liability Coverage – Injury
This type of insurance is your protection against an bodily injury caused to another person while on your boat. If they sue you, it would pay for any of their medical expenses, or the cost of a lawyer.

Liability Coverage – Property Damage
If you are negligent and cause damage to another persons property, this would cover any expenses such as damage to their boat or any other boating equipment. If you leave your boat at an assigned area at the marina and just happen to run into their dock, any damages would be covered.

Physical Damage and Theft
Most types of physical damage would be covered on a comprehensive form, unless of course you are impaired and if that is the case, you are out of luck. It works the same way as automobile insurance does when it is alcohol related.
Many states have regulations now that you must have a drivers license to operate a boat. If you get charged for impaired while operating your boat, it shows up on your drivers license and you would be charged accordingly on your auto insurance. Remember “if your drunk your sunk”

Top Boat Insurance Discounts
Your boat Insurance does not have to cost a fortune. There is so much competition for your business, the insurance companies are extending many auto type discounts to all policies. Here are a few

Culti-line discount for home, auto, travel trailers etc
At one time there were no discounts for a boat policy, now they offer multiple discounts if you have other personal insurance with them. There is such a difference in premium when you use these discounts that are being offered to you.

Claims-free discount
Claims free discounts are given to those you have never filed an insurance claim.

New Business
If you are a brand new customer, they will offer a discount for being a new client and then on the renewal date, the discount goes from a New Business discount to a renewal discount.

Safety Courses
All approved safety boat courses such as Emergency first aid, offer a discount each year.

Finally, our agency is affiliated with many insurance companies. We have access to the best rates for all your insurance needs. Give us a call at Mariners Insurance Group. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service and will assist you with any of your insurance needs.

Happy Boating!!!