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The Best Winter Boating Activities

The Best Winter Boating Activities

When the winds start to blow a little cooler, it doesn’t always want to make boat owners want to jump on the water. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a boat even when there’s snow on the ground and frost in the air. To start getting the most from your boat all-year round (and to make spring cleaning a lot easier on yourself), use these suggestions as a guide to a better season.


Not all rivers and lakes freeze up over the winter, so it may be time to give fishing a try. If you have a little extra winter vacation time, use it to head toward warmer waters for an even better chance of coming home with a full net.


While water-skiing is traditionally a summer activity, there’s no harm in mixing things up. As long as you wear a quality wetsuit, protect your extremities, and are prepared to change into warm, dry clothes after, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy water-skiing in the colder months.

Explore the Coasts

All along the ocean, there are plenty of towns with plenty of personality. This is a chance to rediscover places that you may only be used to seeing during the traditional boating season. For fewer crowds and a more intimate connection with locals, take your boat through during the winter instead.


Iceboats are designed to sail up to 100 miles an hour on iced-over inland lakes. These boats rest on skates and take a bit of expertise to maneuver, but they’re also well worth the effort. The ice must be stable and free of snow for the ice boat to sail, but there should be at least a few bodies of water that hit the criteria around you.


It may not be as fun as the rest of the activities listed, but it is a way to enjoy your boat during the off-season, and more importantly a very practical way to spend your winter months. A boat in storage has a tendency to fall into disrepair from the lack of attention. The last thing you want to do is celebrate spring or summer by putting your boat in the shop for the first few weeks.

Winter is a good time to think outside the box when it comes to your boat. Whether that’s securing boating licenses, brushing up on your safety, or just learning how an iceboat works during the coldest days of the year, there’s no reason to ignore your boat for however long winter lasts.

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