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5 Tips for Docking a Boat

5 Tips for Docking a Boat

Buying a new boat is nothing short of exhilarating, especially when it comes to taking your friends out on the water and showing off your new purchase. However, as we’ve discussed in previous posts, it’s almost time to seal it up and store it for the winter. With a few extra weeks of cooperating weather, you can take advantage of the sun and take your boat out for a final spin. but docking is a skill that all boat owners with engines must learn and master quickly. In this article, we’ll explore how to dock your boat safely and without damage. Aside from reading the following tips, protect your vessel with a Boat Insurance policy.

Take it easy.

You’ve probably already heard the cardinal rule of docking a boat: Never approach the pier any faster than you’re willing to hit it. In other words, you never know when a sudden “oopsie” will cause your precious fiberglass chariot to do the opposite of what you had intended. Just in case, always approach solid objects slowly enough that if your docking job turns into a ramming, the results won’t be tragic, explains

Use enough power.

While you don’t want to overdo the power you apply to get into the dock, it’s just as detrimental to use too little. If you don’t control your boat, the tides, momentum, and wind could take over, causing your boat to smash into the dock.

Avoid touching the wheel.

If you have twin inboards on your boat, avoid using the wheel as much as possible. Instead, control the boat with the engines to prevent taking an unwanted course.

Keep the engines on.

Even when the boat is in the slip, don’t turn the engine off until all of the moors are tied. The last thing you want is for the boat to drift before it’s secured and have to fire up the engine again and maneuver it back in the slip.

Be patient.

This is especially important for sailboats, single-screw inboards, and other boats with a limited ability to maneuver. If the approach doesn’t seem to be going well don’t try to force the issue; instead, circle back for another try.


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