Avoid These 3 Winter Nightmares on Your Boat

In our last post, we discussed the proper way to winterize your boat and prepare it for storage. While you are likely planning to seal up your boat for winter, there are various things that could go wrong, leaving your boat damaged and costing you a fortune when spring rolls around again. In addition to acquiring the right Boat Insurance policy to protect your assets and mitigate financial burden, consider the following advice.

Tarp damage.

Taking the extra precaution to tarp your boat during the winter has good intentions, but it might have the opposite effect. The constant wind and rain can cause the tarp to move around, and due to their abrasive texture, it can scrape the shiny coat right off of your boat. To prevent this, layer some blankets underneath the tarp to absorb the movement.

Slip sinking.

Most boaters already know that the majority of sinkings occur in the slip. But you might not realize that close to 10 percent of those sinkings occur because water flowed in through a fitting that was above the waterline. How does this occur? Snow. The key to avoiding the snow-triggered sunk-in-the-slip disaster is twofold; constantly visiting your boat, especially right after a snow fall and making sure it has plenty of power either from shorepower or well-charged batteries, so the pumps will keep running if water does start coming in, explains Boats.com.

Marina storage issues.

If you plan on keeping your boat in a marina this winter, they typically will do the hauling and blocking of the hull. These professionals understand how to do so safely and carry the insurance to protect themselves should something go wrong, so it should be left to them. However, check on your boat to determine if adequate blocking is in place.

Generally speaking, two stands per side is only sufficient up to about 26 feet. If your boat is bigger, additional jack stands should be in place. But most of the weight will be sitting on the boat’s keel, which should be supported by wood blocks. If not, your boat could suffer a broken back.

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