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Are You Prepared for Winter Boating?

Are You Prepared for Winter Boating

Having a dependable, comprehensive Boat Insurance policy before you hit the water is essential in any season. It’s especially important in winter, when challenges and risks are escalated. What’s also important when you go boating in winter? Wearing rugged cold-weather gear that will keep you warm and dry. Are you prepared for winter boating? Here are three recommendations for cold-weather gear that is as functional as it is stylish.

Mustang Integrity Flotation Coat and Pant

The biggest risk any boater faces in winter is falling overboard. An article in Scientific American notes that as soon as someone falls into cold water, he begins to hyperventilate immediately, and quickly loses coordination and strength as blood flows away from the extremities to heat the core. Mustang’s gear is constructed with heat-retaining, buoyant foam that buys valuable, potentially life-saving minutes in the event you fall overboard.

Gill OS2 Jacket and Pant

When you’re on deck battling the elements, unnecessary bulk can slow you down and make your job harder than it needs to be. The value of this set is that it’s warm without adding bulk. When the weather turns and you need all hands on deck, this outfit allows for optimal mobility.

Cabela’s Two-in-one Insulated Jacket

Cabela’s sporty two-piece jacket delivers maximum bang for the buck. It has an inner fleece-lined jacket topped with an outer water-repellent neoprene jacket. It’s lightweight and roomy, and when the weather warms you can separate the two and wear one or the other.

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