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How Mariner’s Insurance Can Protect Your Yacht

How Mariner's Insurance Can Protect Your Yacht

If you own a yacht, you’re part of an elite club. You probably relish the experiences you have aboard your craft and look forward to many years of fond memories on the water. One way to protect your vision is to make sure you have a comprehensive Yacht Insurance policy to safeguard you from myriad risks and unknowns. Here are just two examples of how we can protect your yacht.

Mariners Insurance Provides Yacht Insurance for Global Adventures

If you’re planning an international trip, Mariners Insurance will provide coverage to protect your vessel. Whether you plan to sail to Mexico or to far-flung destinations in the Atlantic or Pacific, don’t head out without making sure you’ve lined up insurance to protect you from specific regional risks.

Mariners Insurance Yacht Insurance Protects Your Onboard Technology

Your yacht is probably equipped with expensive navigation, radar, and satellite equipment to help you reach your destination. It may also include high-end entertainment systems, security systems, hot tubs, etc. Mariners Insurance covers risks not only to your vessel but to its contents.

Yacht Insurance Protects You from Additional Risks

An article in the New York Times  outlined issues related to safety issues related to larger private yachts. There are more yachts cruising the world’s waters than ever before. Regulators across the globe are scrutinizing how operators are complying with regulations crafted to increase safety. A comprehensive yacht insurance policy will help protect operators if they inadvertently violate safety protocols, such as the Solas convention. If you own a yacht, whether you operate it in U.S. waters or far beyond, yacht insurance is a safety net you can’t afford to neglect.


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