Spring Boating: Navigation and Safety Equipment

As the countdown to spring 2017 launch day continues, now is the time to set yourself up for a successful, safe boating season. Safety is paramount! Is your boat equipped with the right safety gear (and enough of it)? Are the safety features your boat is equipped with in good working order? Heed the following safety checks from Discover Boating so you can set out this spring with peace of mind!

Life Vests

Never underestimate the importance of personal flotation devices. You may never need them, but when you do, they can mean the difference between life and death. Every passenger should have a life vest designed for their size and weight.

Fire Extinguishers

Your vessel should have several fire extinguishers designed for your boat class. Make sure they’re all fully charged and stored in safe, easy-to-access locations. Before each voyage, make sure everyone aboard knows where the extinguishers are and how to activate them.

Navigation Lights

Your navigation lights ensure that other boaters will see you and avoid speeding into your path. Make sure they’re all working properly, and that you have spare bulbs on your vessel in case a light burns out.


If you get into trouble, your VHF radio allows you to call for help. If you get lost, your GPS system helps you get back on track. In the event of a catastrophic emergency, an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is invaluable. These devices transit a distress code via satellite to alert the closest rescue teams that your vessel is in trouble, and help pinpoint your position. However, nothing lasts forever, including electronics. Thoroughly test these important safety tools and don’t head out until you’re satisfied they’re working as designed.

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