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The Biggest Misconceptions of Owning and Operating a Yacht

The Biggest Misconceptions of Owning and Operating a Yacht

As long as yacht owners take the initiative to learn how to use their vessel, there’s a far less of a chance that an accident ends up deadly. Other things that yacht owners need to know are the biggest misconceptions of owning and operating a yacht. It seems like it’s all fun and leisure. But just like driving a car, learning how to use a yacht safely takes some time.

Here’s everything we’ve found that’s been debunked, via 26 North Yachts.

Myth One: Boating On The Lake is Never Rough

Boating on the open ocean isn’t the only place where things can get a little chaotic. In fact, even an inward lake can cause a little water turbulence from time to time. There are waves and currents everywhere, meaning that a yacht owner should always be aware of their immediate surroundings.

The water is also much more shallow than the ocean, meaning that the current is going to be a tad different to deal with. Since the waves are hitting against shoreline, it makes the waves choppier. For example, the Great Lakes have pretty hectic waves.

Myth Two: If a Propeller Has More Blades, It’s Faster

More blades are actually there to reduce vibration, meaning it has nothing to do with how fast it is. But it’ll definitely make for a smoother ride. Think of it as how a car has shock resistance in order to handle when things get a little bumpy. The fastest vessels on the water actually have two blades.

Myth Three: Sailboats Have The Right of Way

A huge misconception is that any vessel has the right of way always. That’s not true. Awareness of what’s around the yacht is always best. Don’t just assume a yacht or boat is going to move on its own. If something’s in the way, getting out of the way as soon as possible should be the course of action. Avoiding a collision should be your first priority.

Myth Four: High Performance Yachts Are Especially Dangerous

Fast vessels are always quickly considered to be incredibly dangerous, but they aren’t. If you know how to run them, you’re in a better place. Another way to ensure that fast boating is safe is through utilizing sober boating. When you have a luxury yacht, it’s important to keep is in prime condition.

Myth Five: Fuel Tanks Should Never Dip Below Half Tank

Just like with cars, it’s a big misconception that a fuel tank should never dip below half tank. While it’s always good to acknowledge this for good measure, it’s not a necessity. In short, it’s not a life or death situation with the yacht.

Once you understand the risks and the important considerations of owning a yacht and you’ve decided that you’re ready, the next step is to purchase California Yacht Insurance. A yacht is a great investment, and we want to help you protect yours!

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