Interested in River Boating? Make Sure You Know the Safety Rules

Whether you’re out on the sea or on the river, it’s always good to be careful. But when you’re on the river, things can be a little different. While the safety equipment you’ll need to acquire isn’t any different, there’s going to be particular maneuvers that any boat owner should be aware of before embarking on the river.

Being safe is key; the fun comes later. Unlike the sea, rivers can often feel very lazy and quiet. Floating up and downstream might become a regular pastime. However, just because rivers are smaller doesn’t always mean that they’ll be calmer. Many rivers have sections of rapids or hidden currents that can easily turn a fun afternoon cruise into a difficult expedition. In addition, some rivers come with certain requirements for boating in their waters. Anyone who is interested in river boating needs to make sure that they are aware of the safety rules below.

The Pros of River Boating

Riverways are kind of like highways, meaning that there are a lot of things to do as you ride along the water. There are attractions like restaurants, fuel stations and other areas to pull your boat up to. You typically won’t find those in the middle of the ocean.

The activities that can be done while along the river is endless. If you’re a lover of nature, there’s nothing like cruising down a river that holds an insurmountable amount of beauty. Most of the nature along a river has been untouched for hundreds of years.

There’s a story to be told when floating along the riverbed. River boating also gives boat owners access to places that aren’t always easily reachable by man. Boating on a river also usually means there’s warmer water. River water is shallow, so it retains heat easier. Additionally, if you’re trying to get into water sports, a river is the perfect place to try out some new skis.

It’s also important to note that rivers do also sometimes lead to larger bodies of water, making them incredibly versatile in terms of boating activities.

How to be Safe While River Boating

Life jackets. Anchors and lines. Fire extinguishers. First aid kits. These are just some of the key things that any boat owner should pick up before embarking on the water. Other things Great River Boat Rental recommends include paddles, fenders and a throwable cushion.

And just because there’s children on board doesn’t mean there should be no life jacket available for them. Everyone needs to stay safe. If it’s possible, alert all crew and guest of where all the safety equipment is located.

One important consideration for river boating is knowing how to steer a boat properly in river waters. When passing someone, maintain distance and speed. If someone’s in your right-of-way, turn to get out of the way. And whoever’s at the right angle goes first. Commercial vessels shouldn’t pass bigger boats, and you should always be aware of emergency crafts. The final step to safe river boating is getting comprehensive boat insurance.

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