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A Boater’s Guide to Going Green

Going green

You take good care of your boat by doing everything from scraping off barnacles to making sure you have good OC boat insurance. You probably have a sense that you need to help take care of the ocean, too. Going green has skyrocketed in popularity from everything from business operations to minimizing household waste. Boaters can take part in this environmentally-friendly practice by considering the following advice.

Here are a few simple things you can do start going green.

1. Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Every time you run a gas-powered engine, you are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This greenhouse gas is the main culprit behind global climate change, so the more gasoline your boat uses, the more damage it is doing to the environment, and the larger your personal carbon footprint. Thus, reducing gasoline usage is an important first step in going green.

The good news is that making your engine more efficient will not only help the planet, but it might even reduce your next boat insurance quote. The following are ways to use fuel more efficiently:

  • Update your outboard motor to a newer model
  • Convert your boat to run on biodiesel fuel
  • Consider solar or wind power to provide energy for lights and refrigeration on board

2. Don’t Spread Invasive Species

Exotic plants and animals like Asian kelp and the green crab are nuisance species that clog waterways and displace native wildlife. Their presence hurts not only the ecosystem, but also the economy, causing things like California boat insurance to go up in price. No one intends to spread these invaders, but unfortunately, many boaters unintentionally transport them from place to place, causing their populations to increase.

The following are some things you can do to ensure you do not bring along any stowaways:

  • Drain bilge water in the same area you were boating
  • Inspect your boat before heading home and dispose of any plants or animals clinging to the side
  • Dispose of bait fish on land rather than in the water
  • Wash your boat with hot water and let it dry in the sun for 5 days

3. Perform Routine Boat Maintenance

Taking care of your boat may not sound like it helps the environment, but experts point out that the better your engine is running, the more protected the water will be from oil and other chemicals. So, a big part of green boating is doing what you already do: keeping your boat in optimal condition.

In the same way that OC boat insurance protects in case of theft, performing the following routine maintenance activities will act as insurance against accidentally polluting waterways:

  • Inspect and maintain your bilge
  • Be sure you have the correct type of batteries
  • Properly winterize your boat
  • Regularly check the propeller for damage
  • Test seacocks and bungs
  • Clean and oil electrical systems
  • Repair any oil leaks in the gearcase

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