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Tips for Outdoor Winter Boat Storage

Winter Boat Storage

Winter weather has a way of taking all the fun out of using your boat. If you’re like most boat owners, the first thing on your mind when the temperatures drop is finding a safe place to store your vessel over the colder months. Though your Newport Beach boat insurance policy will help you pay for any damage your boat experiences, it’s still best if you can avoid having to file a claim in the first place. Winter boat storage can ensure your vessel doesn’t become damaged beyond repair.

Here are a few tips to help you get your vessel ready for winter boat storage.

1. Find the Right Storage Spot

One of the first questions boat owners ask is, “can boats be stored outside in the winter?” The answer is, unequivocally, yes. However, you need to be careful about where you store your boat. Look for a storage facility that offers covered storage if at all possible. If you can’t find an enclosed storage spot, invest in a good boat cover to protect it from the elements. If you’re planning on storing the boat in your backyard or driveway, make sure your neighborhood allows you to do so. The last thing you want to deal with is costly fines just because you stored your boat at home. 

2. Clean Your Boat Thoroughly

The best way to prevent having to file a claim with your Newport Beach boat insurance provider is to give your boat a thorough deep cleaning before you put it in storage. Vacuum the interior, wipe down the vinyl cushions, and let the carpets dry completely before you cover the boat. You’ll need to wash the boat’s hull and polish it with your preferred boat cleaner to preserve the finish and the paint job. If you have any trash on board, make sure to dispose of it properly before storing the boat. This way, you’ll prevent rodent damage.

3. Winterize Everything

Cold weather can freeze the fluids inside your boat’s system and engine. Take the time to drain any water inside the lines and around the motor before storing it for the winter. Top off the fuel tank and use a fuel stabilizer to ensure the gas is usable in spring. Ensure the bilge and head of your boat are completely drained before storage to prevent cracking and breakage.

4. Review Your Insurance Coverage

Storing your boat is different from using it on the water. You’re at risk for different types of liability and damage. Before you put your boat in storage, contact your Newport Beach boat insurance provider and make sure your policy provides enough coverage. Ask your agent any boat insurance coverage questions you might have and clarify the claims process so you’re prepared if your boat gets damaged over the winter months.

Getting your boat ready for storage is a process. Ignoring even a single task puts your boat at risk for costly repairs. Follow these tips, and your boat will be able to withstand the changing weather without damage.

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