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Headquartered in Newport Beach, California with additional offices in San Diego and Bradenton, Florida, Mariners Insurance has been offering our Mariners Yacht Insurance program to yacht owners throughout the country for 60 years. Our exclusive program provides “all-risk agreed value” insurance including Oil Pollution Liability, Tenders, and PWC coverage, and Substitute Yacht coverage, with values up to $2 million. Crew liability and worldwide navigation options are available. We also include several critical coverages as part of our program. Our program is quoted directly through us.

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Mariners Yacht Insurance

The experienced staff at Mariners Insurance can provide the following coverages:

We Include Consequential Damage Protection

Consequential Damage protection covers immediate damage to your boat resulting from catastrophic events like fire, explosion, sinking, dismasting, and collision or stranding – even when the original cause of the damage is excluded. For example, imagine you have a thru-hull fitting hidden in the bilge corroding away without your knowledge. It finally gives way and causes your boat to sink, prompting the dreaded call from your marina that your vessel has sunk, and fuel and oil are leaking from the engine and fuel tanks. Your immediate thoughts are: How do I raise my boat quickly? What will it cost? And more importantly…am I covered for all of this?


With most insurance policies, Consequential Damage caused by corrosion is not covered so you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for the costs to not only re-float your vessel but also the resulting damage caused by the sinking and fuel clean up. With Mariners, the re-floating and consequential damage are covered.

Contractual Liability Coverage Included, Too

Many boatyards, marinas, and storage yards include a “waiver of subrogation” clause in their contracts. By signing this agreement, as we all might be inclined to do, the boat owner waives his or her rights and the insurance company’s rights to hold a boatyard or marina responsible for the damage they cause to your boat.


Waiving rights against these entities is expressly forbidden in most Yacht insurance policies. For example, the boatyard drops your vessel, and she is a total loss. The boatyard does not accept responsibility and the yacht insurer denies coverage because the boat owner signed a document waiving rights against the boatyard.


This leaves you, the yacht owner, with a destroyed boat, no recourse, and with the ongoing responsibility for wreck removal, a possible boat loan payoff, etc. With the policy, you are covered.

Defense Outside Policy Limits Included As Part of Our Program

Many Yacht policies limit the total Liability coverage amount to that listed on the “declaration page” of the policy including defense costs. With the policy, the defense costs are in addition to the liability settlement amount.


Defense costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars so covering these costs outside the policy coverage limit is very important. Without this, the cost of defense could deplete the coverage limit, leaving you to pay the settlement.