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How to File a Boat Insurance Claim

Boat insurance claim

Whether you enjoy your boat on the ocean, river, or lake, there is nothing quite as relaxing as spending time on the open water. From sailing to fishing to waterskiing to wakeboarding, there is no shortage of water sports you can participate in when you own a boat. However, with all the fun and exciting activities that go along with boat ownership, there are also serious risks and liabilities. You must make sure you have the correct boat insurance coverage that protects not only the passengers but also the vessel, trailer, and all your assets on land or in the water. If you experience an accident, you need to know how to file a boat insurance claim properly. Here are four steps to keep in mind.

Step One: Call Your Insurance Company

The first thing you need to do after an accident is to call your insurance company for help. They should have a dedicated line for claims, or your agent may be able to connect you. If you’ve partnered with an experienced insurance company that understands the boat insurance claim process, they will be available and ready to assist you. They will need details of the accident, who was involved, and your insurance account number. It’s best to keep your insurance information on board to ensure the claim-filing process goes smoothly.

Step Two: Stay in Contact With Your Representative

Experienced marine insurance professionals understand the claims process and can give you realistic timeframes and estimates. Stay in close contact with your rep from your insurance carrier. They should act as a supportive and helpful guide through this otherwise stressful process.

Step Three: Inspections and Estimates

Your agent or an insurance representative can help you schedule the inspection. An estimator will need to inspect your boat or watercraft and give their best estimate for the repairs. The estimate will look at the current value of your boat and the proposed repair cost and decide whether or not the replacements are feasible or if the accident has resulted in a complete loss.

Step Four: Complete the Repairs

Check with your insurance company regarding the best repair shop to use. They may let you select the shop or recommend a reputable repairer. The insurance company will pay for the necessary repairs to get your boat back to its pre-accident condition. Keep in mind that if you have a deductible, it will be subtracted from the total the insurance company will pay.

Now that your boat is back in tip-top shape, you can get yourself back on the water and enjoy boat ownership.

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