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How to Prevent Boat Theft

Boat Theft

Your boat represents many things: freedom, tranquility, oneness with nature and most probably a significant investment. However, boat theft is a serious threat. To a bad actor, your boat represents an opportunity to make off with your valuable watercraft and perhaps some personal possessions as well.

Broadly speaking, boat thefts seem to be on the decline. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported a decrease in the theft of watercraft of 8% nationwide from 2017 to 2018. Nevertheless, California still ranks at number two, behind Florida, for the most watercraft thefts in the country. The type of watercraft makes little difference: Sailboats, runabouts, cruisers and utility boats all ranked in the top five most-stolen watercraft.

OC boat insurance offers protection in the event that you do become the victim of theft. Nevertheless, it is preferable to prevent boat theft in the first place. The following tips may help you defer potential thieves of watercraft.

Leave Valuables Off Your Boat

Personal property, such as fishing equipment or electronics, may represent too great a temptation to resist. When not in use, either remove them from your boat entirely or keep them out of sight. Remove important papers, such as the boat insurance quote, title and registration, when you are not on the water.

Carefully Choose Your Marina

Investigate your chosen marina with the same care with which you calculate the average cost for boat insurance. Check to see that there is full-time security and good lighting. Inform the staff when you plan to sail and alert them right away in the event of a theft.

Prevent Your Boat From Moving

The theft of a boat is often a crime of opportunity. When leaving the boat on the water, remove the keys and tie it securely to a fixed object. When storing it on land, secure the boat to the trailer and the trailer to something sturdy, such as a tree. Park the trailer where it is out of sight, such as behind the house or in the garage. If you must store the trailer in a driveway, park it so that the tongue faces away from the street.

The cheapest boat insurance coverage allows you to recoup your losses after a theft. However, it cannot replace any valuable personal property that the thieves took, nor the feelings that you have about your own watercraft. Taking proactive steps to protect your boat offers you peace of mind.

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