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Mariners Insurance:

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There’s nothing like the joy and passion that comes from boating. To keep that passion afloat it’s critical to have the right Boat insurance in place. Our experienced insurance experts – and boat owners – at Mariners Insurance have more than 50 years under their belt protecting individuals and their vessels, and are available to ensure that you properly protect your boat, passengers, and assets in and out of the water.


Your vessel can be damaged by storms, vandalism, and accidents on the water, in the garage and in tow. In addition, you face expensive liability costs if you are at fault in a boating accident. Mariners Insurance provides worldwide Boat coverage to clients throughout the United States – from Florida to California – with personal attention to meet each individual boat owner’s needs.

The Boats We Insure/Coverage We Offer


We insure fishing boats of all kinds, sailboats, speedboats, pontoons, houseboats and more. We will also insure personal watercraft of many different types.


We offer Property insurance that will cover your hull, sails, built-in equipment and furnishings, salvage expenses, towing, collision damage to your boat from an accident you cause, fishing or other special equipment aboard, roadside assistance even for your tow vehicle, and more. Some of our insurer partners offer additional enhancements to cover damage from corroded through-hull fittings or other wear and tear that went undiscovered until it was too late.


We also offer Marine Liability insurance that covers damage that occurs to someone else’s property or boat-related injuries you cause. In addition, we provide broader coverage for bodily injury to your boat’s occupants and others who might be injured by you outside your boat. Our Liability policies cover your legal defense if you are sued over a boating incident, and they can help pay for monetary settlements or judgments against you. Some of our insurer partners offer fuel-spill coverage, as well.


Mariners Insurance can also provide you with coverage if you are in an accident with an uninsured boater/underinsured boater.


Many of our insurer partners offer discounts based on safety and multiple policies. Some even offer the opportunity to bundle your boat insurance with your auto insurance and/or homeowners insurance, which can provide you with premium savings.

Remember Your Need for Mexican Watercraft Liability Insurance

If you plan to take a boat trip to Mexico – even for a day – we provide specialized Mexican Watercraft Liability insurance – coverage that is essential to properly protecting your investment. You can obtain a quote and coverage by clicking here.