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Summer Boating Tips: Remote Anchoring

Remote Anchoring

Summer boating can bring unexpected adventures. The more unknown waters you explore, however, the more your anchorage may have to adapt. When the weather is less than ideal, or you find yourself in uncharted territory, you may have to take shelter and use unique mooring techniques. If you’re planning to take your boat out for adventures in the wild and may need to implement remote anchoring, it’s best to be prepared with a few key facts and strategies.

Identify Escape Routes

No matter what remote anchoring solution you end up using, it’s imperative to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. In addition to having Newport Beach boat insurance and making sure your boat is well stocked with first-aid supplies, identifying escape routes and making contingency plans from the start can help keep you safe in case of an emergency.

Before you start remote anchoring in a tight space or a new location, be sure to consider:

  • Secondary anchors – If you have a secondary anchor, it should be attached to your boat with rope so that it can easily be cut in dire situations.
  • The location of your primary anchor – If your secondary anchor lets go, be sure your primary anchor is set so you won’t run into positioning problems.
  • Your escape plan – If weather conditions suddenly change, ensure you can drop everything and leave until it’s safe again.

By positioning your boat so that other ships that come into the area will see where your primary anchor is, you can also help ensure your safety.

Gauge Your Situation Before Choosing an Anchoring Technique

When trying to decide on a wild remote anchoring solution, it’s important to appraise your situation. Since contexts can vary widely, the technique you adopt depends on your location and the weather, among other factors. Some possible methods you can adopt include:

  • Setting inline stern and bow anchors in narrow tidal channels
  • Attaching positioning lines to the shore
  • Attaching the stern anchor to the bow anchor chain with a rolling hitch or shackle to avoid chain rubbing

Taking your boat into unexplored waters and uncharted territories can make for a great summertime adventure. Still, you don’t want to get caught unprepared when you have to anchor in a remote location. Before you sail out, take the time to prepare yourself with a few remote anchoring tips. With these essential facts in mind, you’ll be ready to set out on the water with knowledge on how to wild anchor anytime, anywhere.

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