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Marina Best Practices During the Pandemic

Marina Best Practices

Health officials and the government alike recommend that people enjoy the outdoors as a safe way to recreate during the pandemic. Heading out on the water in your boat is a great way to decompress, destress, and take in some fresh air even in the best of times. Now, the benefits of skimming across open waters are immeasurable. Ensuring everyone’s safety is critical to continued access to boating facilities in Orange County. Here are some critical marina best practices for operating during a pandemic.

OC Marina Safety Guidelines for COVID-19

Marinas provide a valuable service to boat owners. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep these spaces safe, during the pandemic and in the future. In addition to guarding against common hazards that arise in a marina, we recommend a few simple measures to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus.

Stay Informed

The coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing and rapidly evolving situation. Staying informed is key to reducing the risk of infection. Scientific understanding of the novel coronavirus is continually increasing as more research is conducted, and as healthcare practitioners gain more experience. The Centers for Disease Control regularly updates its website with information as it becomes available. 

Minimize Exposure Risk

The number of people using marina facilities at any given time can be high enough to require vigilance in following guidelines to minimize risk exposure.

  • Wear a mask when using marina services and when not aboard your vessel
  • Maintain six feet between you and anyone not a member of your household, including guests on your boat
  • Follow physical distancing markers placed around the marina
  • Follow any special instructions given by marina staff
  • Remain mindful of the potential for crowding while in enclosed spaces

Maintain Adequate Sanitary and Hygiene Practices

Good sanitation and hygiene measures are critical components of marina best practices during the pandemic. Proper handwashing at home, on your boat, and using the marina prevents the virus’s spread. Furthermore, it is a good idea to sanitize high-use surfaces on your vessel to further reduce the risk of exposure. Dispose of gloves, sanitary wipes, used masks, and cleaning products in an appropriate receptacle.

Enjoying your time on the water is a useful way to cope with the stress of the global crisis but doing so responsibly requires taking adequate measures to protect the health of you and others around you. OC marina safety also includes procuring adequate insurance protection for you, your passengers, and your boat. 

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