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Mariners Insurance:

Providing Comprehensive Marina & Yacht Club Insurance

Mariners Insurance offers broad and flexible insurance programs developed to meet the unique needs of marina and yacht clubs. We work with a network of top-tier insurers to deliver competitively priced, end-to-end insurance solutions to protect your investment. We provide protection for both land-based and maritime exposures with policies customized to your needs so that you can run regattas, teach sailing, hold social events, weather storms – and safeguard your club, board members, flag officers, volunteers, and employees.

Inside Our Marina & Yacht Club Insurance Programs

Yacht & Boat Insurance Quotes

The experienced staff at Mariners Insurance can provide the following coverages:

Other coverages are available depending on your needs, such as Pollution and Oil Spill, Workers’ Compensation, Race Management Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers Liability, Jones Act coverage for employees working on the water, and more.

We insure all standard risks and because of the depth of the markets we represent can also assist non-standard risks in obtaining coverage as well.