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Mariners Insurance:

Homeowners Coverage to Safeguard Your Investment

For many of our clients their boat or yacht is their home away from home, looking to us to provide the insurance protection they need when they are water-bound. We also provide the insurance needed for their main residence, helping to safeguard what for many is their largest asset, where they raise their families and make a lifetime of memories. Mariners Insurance can provide you, too, with affordable Homeowners insurance designed to fit your lifestyle and protect you in the event of a liability loss or property damage. Our portfolio of Home insurance products will cover all types of residences, including luxury homes.

Peace of Mind Is Our Goal


When securing a Homeowners policy for you we will go through the various common exposures all property owners face, including damage that can result from fire and other catastrophes. We will also review unique exposures that may make your situation more vulnerable and risk of liability even greater, such as whether you have a pool or outdoor tennis court or perhaps a certain breed of dog.


Our policies can cover the basics, with Property and Liability coverage for damaging events, such as windstorm, fire, theft, vandalism or injury, and they can be tailored to take into account high-end collections, such as art, silver, wine, jewelry and more. If your risks of injury to visitors are increased because of a pool, for example, we will also find the right policy for you.


In addition, we can provide enhanced protection with Flood insurance, Earthquake coverage and Personal Umbrella insurance, which extends the coverage limits of your underlying Homeowners and Auto policies. What’s more, you will receive unparalleled customer service and claims support from our professional staff when looking for answers or in the event of a loss.


At Mariners Insurance, our 50-plus years of insuring boating communities throughout the country has clients looking to place all their personal insurance needs with us. We’d like the opportunity to provide you with the same peace of mind and protection we have offered to so many others.