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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Boat and You

8 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Boat and You

Each year, many people form resolutions that they never get to. However, there’s still time to make 2020 different. And don’t just limit your resolutions to yourself. In addition to your goals of weight loss, career success, socialization, or personal fulfillment, think about what you’d like to experience with your boat in 2020!

For the boaters out there, your first priority should be to secure proper boat insurance to protect you through your endeavors. The start of a new year is the perfect time to give yourself a little refresher on your insurance in order to ensure everything’s up-to-date. Once that’s done, then you can consider ways to engage with your hobby. Here are practical, achievable resolutions for you and your boat this New Year. 

  1. Spend more time on your boat. Boat owners typically long to spend more time on their boat than life allows for. Check out your monthly or yearly calendar in advance, and schedule time on your boat on those days and weekends when you have nothing already planned. Talk to your local yacht club about events for even a higher likelihood you get yourself out on the water.
  2. Perform proper maintenance. It’s more fun to cruise and sail than just to put the care into your boat that it needs, but boat checks and maintenance are essential and it is in your best interest that you stay on top of them and obtain boat insurance for any “oops” moments, in return for a glorious day out on your boat.
  3. Visit your dream destinations. We all have that place we’ve always wanted to sail to. It doesn’t have to be remote and exotic, it can simply be a beautiful local spot. Make sure 2020 is the year you visit the place of your dreams.
  4. Learn new skills. Join a local club, buy yourself a boating guide, and speak to other sailors and boaters to exchange skills. You’ll enhance your level of boating and feel a sense of achievement.
  5. Keep the water clean. Volunteer as much as possible to rid of rubbish from the beach or the sea, and always make sure to dispose of your waste safely. A clean environment benefits everyone, including your boat.
  6. Share your love for boating. Take your loved ones who may not quite share your passion, on a day trip out or teach them a few skills, so that they can enjoy boating as much as you do. You all might be surprised just how much fun that can be.
  7. Put safety first. Safety on boats is of the utmost importance. If you have sometimes forgotten to wear your life jacket, not checked the tides, had that extra beer or haven’t done the appropriate boat maintenance, make sure this changes and safety becomes a priority for this new year.
  8. Go to a place you never thought you would. Perhaps your ideal trip is to some tropical heat. This is totally understandable, but it can be such a life-changing and unforgettable experience to try something out of your comfort zone. Try something different, such as winter boating. You may discover a whole new passion and lots of different places you never thought existed!

From all of us at Mariners Insurance, we want to wish you a happy New Year. We hope that 2020 holds great things for you and your boat!

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