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Autumn Boating Tips

Autumn Boating Tips

Each year it suddenly happens: Pumpkin-spiced anything becomes available on pretty much any menu, anywhere. That means one thing: Autumn is right around the corner. That’s your cue to dry dock your boat, right? Wrong! If you have a solid Boat Insurance policy, some of your best boating memories can occur in autumn (with or without a pumpkin-spiced latte in or pumpkin IPA in hand.) Heed the following autumn boating tips, grab a jacket, and enjoy the tranquil, picturesque pre-winter days ahead!

Gear up for Safety

It’s smart to wear a life vest anytime you are on the water. Let’s face it though, most adults don’t unless there is an imminent weather threat. In autumn, frigid water temperatures are dangerous. If someone falls into the water, he or she is more likely to develop hypothermia. The law dictates that kids 13 and under must wear a life vest when riding on a boat. In autumn, adults should be extra cautious and wear them too – especially when riding in the waning daylight hours.

Test your VHF Radio

With fewer boaters out in the fall, if you run into trouble you may not be able to simply signal another boater for help. Since cell phones don’t always receive service on the water, your VHF radio is your lifeline in the event of an emergency.

Review Your Charts

In some areas, authorities remove buoys, channel markers, and other navigational aids in early autumn. Because you’ll have less daylight this time of year it’s possible you’ll do some cruising as the sun sets. In the dark, you can miss even landmarks you’re familiar with. Updated electronic and hard-copy charts are essential for safe navigation.

Let There be Light

In the shorter days of autumn, you’ll rely more on your navigation lights. You may potentially need to use an emergency flare should you run off course. Check your boat’s lights, make sure your flares haven’t expired, and always pack flashlights and extra batteries during all outings.

Pay Close Attention to the Weather

Autumn isn’t notorious for its stormy weather. Still, storms can pop up quickly and unexpectedly. Watch the skies and download the free app called Sea Tow. You can get updated forecasts, navigational help, and information about tides – all on your smartphone.

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