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Beginner Saltwater Fishing Tips

Beginner Saltwater Fishing Tips

Summer is in full swing, which means there are plenty of fishing trips to be had. Fishing from a boat allows you to venture into deeper water and cast a wider net for the types of fish you can catch. In this article series, we’re going to dive deeper into some essential beginner saltwater fishing tips from your boat. While it might be fun on the water, ensure you keep your investment protected with a Boat Insurance policy.

Get familiar with the equipment.

Saltwater fishing requires specialized equipment, so get familiar with everything before setting out. Beginners can get acquainted and have someone who is experienced show them the ropes.


According to Discover Boating, as a first step towards perfecting your saltwater fishing skills, consider going on a trip where you can practice alongside more experienced anglers. Fishing party/head boats can also be ideal for this, with dedicated staff that will be delighted to help you through each step of the process, from baiting to reeling. Public fishing piers can also be a good place to pick up basic skills.

Sun, moon and weather considerations.

The placement of the sun and moon affect tides and where fish can be found at what time. Get familiar with the tides, where the hot spots are, and the best type of tackle to use to attract these fish.

Get saltwater driving experience.

Navigating a boat in open water is different than driving in marinas. If you’re not familiar with your boat consider hiring a fishing tour guide to man the boat while you focus on fishing. Weather conditions can change in moments, so being aware of your surroundings and how to navigate efficiently is a must.


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