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In this series of blogs, we have covered the basics of boat buying, including how to run an efficient survey checklist and what you should look for when you take it for a sea trial. In this final installment, we’re going to explore the best time of year to purchase a boat, and how this might impact your decision. Whatever model and type of boat you end up with, be sure to protect your new investment with a customized Boat Insurance policy.

Time of year.

The best time of year, price and options wise, is to go to a dealer during the fall months (October through December), or visit a local boat show during the winter months (January through March).

  • Dealer – According to Guide Auto Web, there are several reasons why fall is the right time to start shopping at boat dealerships. First of all, fall is when you start seeing big discounts and deep price cuts. Dealers offer substantial reductions on both new and used boats to avoid the financial burden of carrying the stock through the winter. Clearing out their stock makes room in the showroom and lets them order new models from the manufacturers they carry, and boat owners can trade in their current models for a newer version to avoid having to pay additional storage fees.
  • Boat Shows – This is a great time for prospective boat buyers to meet dealers, manufacturers, and boat enthusiasts in one place. This is an easy opportunity for buyers to get a feel for what they want and look at pricing and options for that model.


As a rule, prices, financing and terms of sale are better during boat show season. The healthy competition between dealers prompts them to offer substantial discounts on the previous year’s models and attractive specials to spur sales of their new models, explains the article.

Request an appointment.

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential selections, make an appointment with a reputable dealer. A good one will know the product, be thorough in explaining warranties and prices, and be transparent. Never buy from a dealer you don’t feel comfortable with.


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