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Boat Owners: Understanding Your Marina Contract

Marina contract

Signing a rental agreement to keep your boat at a marina is a considerable commitment. Even if your lease term is month-to-month or for a short period, it is important that you understand all of the rights and obligations outlined in your agreement. Here are a few things that you should know about your marina contract agreement.

Understand What a Lease Requires You to Do

Most lease agreements are drafted in favor of the lessor. A lease for a marina slip will outline a few marina tenant rights such as the right to receive certain notice types and the right to access the premises. Also, a lease will likely require that the lessor maintain the premises in good condition for the lessees’ benefit. However, the majority of lease provisions create obligations for tenants.

A marina may require you to maintain a certain amount of OC boat insurance for your vessel. Your policy will likely have to name the marina as an additional insured party. Alternatively, the marina may request that your certificate of insurance list the marina as an interested party, which will entitle them a notice from your insurance carrier if your policy is canceled.

Review Restrictions Carefully

Marina dockage contracts may have several types of provisions limiting tenants’ rights. Do not assume that the marina permits certain activities simply because you saw another tenant doing it. Although a marina may permit tenants to use the premises in a way that does not comply with certain provisions of a lease contract, it would be within its rights to begin enforcing any provisions in the lease at any given time.

Review the terms of your lease thoroughly to identify any type of restricted activities. For example, the marina may prohibit you from fueling your vessel while docked. In addition, a marina may prohibit the use of boat lifts or permit only certain types of boat lifts.

Identify What You Must Do in a Weather Emergency

A marina that is located in a region that experiences frequent hurricanes or other severe weather events is likely to have stringent lease provisions about what tenants have to do to prepare for a storm. If you are unable to make specific preparations, the marina may do so on your behalf at your expense.

Bear in mind that the marina’s insurance policy may not necessarily offer you any type of insurance protection from storm damage. You should rely on your personal OC boat insurance policy to address any kind of damage that your vessel sustains during a storm, as well as any damage that your vessel may cause during a storm if it is not properly secured.

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