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Boating and Tubing Safety in Marinas

Boating and Tubing Safety in Marinas

Summer is right around the corner, which means your marinas are soon going to be flooded with locals and tourists alike. In our last post, we explored some of the dangers that exist when people swim in marina waters, and boating and tubing present additional exposures. While boating and tubing provide recreational fun in your marina, these activities also present some novel dangers. Minimize injury risk by considering the following safety advice and obtaining the right Marina Liability Insurance policy.

Life jackets.

Personal flotation devices are a must in marinas, especially for children and novice swimmers. In the event a swimmer is separated from the boat, a life jacket ensures he or she can be retrieved easily.

Responsible driving.

Encourage your patrons to never exceed 20 mph when towing a tube. This will prevent the riders from hitting large wakes and becoming injured or falling off of the tube. Although the boat might be traveling at 20 miles per hour, the tube has the capability of exceeding  50 miles per hour on turns during a “whip.” According to the Water Sports Industry Association, a tube should never be closer than two times the tow rope length to a stationary object or other boats.

Use a secure tow line.

If your patrons want to tow people on a tube, enforce a strict secured tow line rule. Frayed or sun-damaged rope is dangerous and at risk for tearing. Next, ensure the tubers are using a line that is securely fastened to the boat hitch. Next, they should use a rope that is fit for the number of tubers they are pulling and use caution when starting and stopping the boat.


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