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Boating Expenses: Preparing for Your Boating License

Boating Expenses: Preparing for Your Boating License
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Boat ownership comes with a lot of expenses, as we’ve covered in our last two posts. From safety course training to registering your boat and getting a Boat Insurance policy, there are a lot of monthly and one-time costs that many people might not have factored in. In this installment, we’re going to cover how to get your boating license, which is a critical step for being able to navigate the waters and enjoy your investment.

Find a course.

Boat licenses are given on a state level, so look into your state’s qualifications and requirements for operating a boat. Check to see which types of boats require licenses, if any, on the DMV website.

Choose your method.

In-person and online courses are available to get your license. Depending on which type of environment you’ll do best in, you can make your own decision. Both options provide the same type of curriculum and testing, which you can view on your state’s site.

Pay the fees.

According to WikiHow, in order to enroll in a boating license course, you will need to pay the course fee. The exact fee will vary between states. You will need to do some research into what the fee is for your own state or on-line course to learn more.

  • For example, New York state generally charges around $10.00 per course.
  • Some online courses are $29.95
  • Some online courses only charge you when you pass the exam.

Study for the exam.

Common topics that are covered in these exams include knowing what to do in case of a fire, which vessels are most likely to capsize, how to operate your boat safely, and testing routine maintenance and safety topics.

Understand best boating practices.

Some critical questions you need to know before taking the test include:

  • Which side of the boat is port side?
  • Where should red markers be placed?
  • Which direction does bad weather usually approach from?
  • Who has the right of way between sailboats and power boats?

Understand personal safety.

Be sure you understand boating and personal safety principles before taking the boating license test, including:

  • How to treat hypothermia
  • How to identify carbon monoxide poisoning
  • The importance of life vests
  • How to identify the H.E.L.P. position


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