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Boating & Tubing Safety: Securing a Tow Line

Boating & Tubing Safety: Securing a Tow Line

In our last two posts, we have discussed some of the basic safety requirements for boating and tubing in busy marinas and how to drive the boat accordingly. Next, we’re going to take a closer look at how to properly secure a tow line for your boat. As recreational vessels don’t often come with the proper tow line set up, you’ll have to forge your own. Secure your vessel with a Boat Insurance policy and ensure you heed the following advice.

Tie the spliced eyes of two dock lines to each side of the tow line. Attach the ends of one bridle to the towing vessel’s stern cleats and the ends of the other bridle to the towed boat’s bow or midship cleats. In rough water, take a couple of turns on the cleats and run the lines aft to more attachment points such as the midship cleats, stern cleats or mast, states The Ensign.

As we mentioned previously, the rope used for the tow line should not be sun-damaged or frayed in any way. Ensure the tow line is thick, at least double braided, allows for some movement and has a good amount of elasticity to recoup from tugging and pulling on rough waters. The longer the tow line, the less stress is on the actual boat’s hardware that’s gripping the line.

This grip is enough to hold tubes at the other end with numerous people on board. Before towing any tubers, ensure the following:

  • The tubers are wearing life jackets.
  • The nylon webbing rope used is strong enough to tow a large group.
  • You follow safety precautions and understand the dangers other tubers and boats present.
  • The tubers are strong swimmers.

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