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Common Misconceptions Surrounding Yacht Clubs

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Yacht Clubs

If you’re thinking about purchasing a yacht, it’s important to know what comes with it. Purchase yacht club liability coverage to make sure that you are covered for the worst possible situation. While sailing might seem like it’s nothing but beautiful views, cocktails and sunsets, there’s a lot that comes with owning a yacht and being a part of a yacht club, according to Carefree Boater. Joining a yacht club doesn’t only mean that you have access to a boat. A boat club is not a timeshare, and owning a boat doesn’t mean that it’s a temporary loan. If you’re considering joining a yacht club, do some research first and find out some common misconceptions surrounding yacht clubs.

Sailing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

A common misconception is that sailing is expensive and is only for those who are considered to be wealthy. Fortunately, sailing itself isn’t that pricey, meaning that it’s for everyone. As far as joining a yacht club goes, it’s not very expensive to do so. All it takes is searching up a club close to you online to find out the costs. Buying the boat is going to cost you the most money. While the purchase of a sailboat itself can be expensive, depending on what type of boat you buy, chartering is something that’s completely affordable. There’s tax breaks and charter income that you can earn, according to 26 North Yachts. You can also purchase a used or older boat so you don’t spend a lot of money. That means that purchasing a boat isn’t out of the question. You can also join a local club that already provides materials that you may not have, which helps curb costs.

How Does a Yacht Club Work?

Boat goers will pay monthly or annual fees in order to be a part of the club. Unlike a boat club, though, yacht clubs don’t have access to a fleet of boats for their members to use. Although there’s no boats to use, some yacht clubs still offer a boat or two to rent. Yacht clubs are for those who own, have previously owned, or want to own a yacht. Many people join yacht clubs in order to relax, while some join yacht clubs for the racing aspect.

What are the Advantages?

Advantages to joining a yacht club are that you get to be a part of something fun. Although not every yacht club will have boats to rent, clubs will offer training to their members. You are also able to race your boat when being a part of a club. Another advantage to being a part of a yacht club is the events that you will have access to. There are programs for children as well, meaning you have more time to focus on other planned activities. Clubs will also have yacht club liability coverage, meaning that you and your vessel will be kept safe.


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