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Critical Yachting Safety Tips

Critical Yachting Safety Tips

Warm weather has started to descend upon the nation, which means it’s time to prepare your yacht for the spring season. However, regardless of the weather, boaters and yachters need to prepare themselves for the journey ahead, ensure their vessel is properly functioning and maintained, and have the know-how to troubleshoot on the water. Therefore, in addition to securing a comprehensive and tailor-made Yacht Insurance Policy, consider the following expertly-recommended safety advice.

Mind the weather.

You can have all the experience required to operate your yacht, but the minute a storm comes in, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Check the weather before setting out and during your trip. Be aware of clouds rolling in, potential rain storms, and even heavy winds. Tune in to online and radio forecasts to get a good sense of the weather while out on the water. If winds start to pick up and ominous clouds roll in, it’s time to head back to shore for the safety of everyone on board.

Create a checklist.

Did you remember to bring everything you needed on the yacht? Radios, emergency equipment, extra fuel, and life vests are critical for any boating trip. Create a comprehensive checklist that ensures everything you need it on board before venturing out.

Float plan.

Create a float plan that notifies someone on land about your boating plans. List who will be on board, esstate what time you will be leaving and returning, and provide a plan for them to contact help on your behalf if you don’t return in the intended window. Don’t forget the boat name, registration information, and contact info of passengers.

Take a yachting course.

According to Discover Boating, regardless of your individual state’s requirements, it’s always important to be educated and prepared for every circumstance that might arise; you can learn boating safety rules by taking a local community course or online course to help educate yourself. Remember, you can always improve and hone in your skills. You should never stop learning simply because you’re a yacht owner already.


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