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Essential Spring Boating Tips


Before Setting Sail

When the sun comes out and the temperature starts to warm up, boat owners will likely plan on venturing back out on the water.  As we move into spring, plenty of people will seize the opportunity to enjoy their local lakes, ocean or rivers.  To ensure everyone has a good time and remains safe, here are a few tips to keep in mind this boating season.

Take Safety Seriously

As repetitive as it may get, safety must be first.  It only takes one careless moment to result in a tragic boating or swimming accident, so take the appropriate precautions.  Life jackets are a must, not an option.  Be sure to have first-aid kits on hand, flashlights, communication for emergencies – anything to help mitigate a potential disaster.

Know the Weather Forecast

It has never been easier to know what the weather is going to be. With the internet and countless apps at our fingertips, there is simply no excuse for not taking the time to check the forecast and determine if the water is going to be suitable.  Of course, once the forecast is known, be responsible.  Don’t take unnecessary risks, there will always be another sunny day with better boating conditions.

Involve Other People

Having other people on the boat is not just a great way to ensure a good time.  Having an extra person or two on the water with you can prevent a number of accidents.  And if you must go out alone, be sure that someone knows where you are and how to find you if something goes wrong.

Boat Maintenance

This is one step that is easy to neglect, and even easier to do once and forget about it.  However, your boat needs to be properly maintained and checked after each use.  If done right, each individual inspection should go quickly.  Oil levels, engine status, leakages, anchors and more need to be inspected and repaired.  Doing this regularly will prevent an emergency or a ruined day on the water.

Navigate with Common Sense

When on the water, don’t take unnecessary risks.  While on the road driving, everyone follows a certain set of precautions in anticipation of someone else’s maneuvers.  The same goes for the water.  Don’t go too fast, don’t ignore the depth of the water, and don’t try to show off for some other boat.

Take Out a Proper Insurance Policy

Last but certainly not least, be sure that the boat is properly insured.  A boating policy might not sound like a high priority, but they are costly investments. And similar to a vehicle, a lot of things can go wrong.  Hopefully you’ll never need to file a claim, but boating insurance is essential.  Mariners Insurance specializes in California boating insurance.  Their expert staff can craft a policy that is perfect for you and your vessel.  Don’t set sail without it!

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