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Essentials Boat Trailering Tips

boat trailering

Nothing gives you more peace of mind than storing your boat at home or in a dedicated and secure storage facility. However, doing so presents some unique challenges that you wouldn’t face if you stored your boat at a marina. You have to trailer your watercraft from the storage site to the water and if you’re new to driving a trailer, the process can quickly feel overwhelming. While your OC boat insurance policy will help cover any damage that happens in transit, it’s best if you can be as safe as possible while boat trailering.

Here are a few tips for towing a boat to help you keep your watercraft safe at all times.

Choose the Right Trailer

Boat trailers come in different sizes and choosing the wrong size can put your boat at risk on the road. Make sure the trailer you’re using is capable of holding your boat’s full length and weight. If it’s rated for a lighter weight boat, you’ll need to upgrade to a different trailer. The frame of the trailer itself can bend and warp if the load is too heavy. This increases the risk of serious damage to your boat and other vehicles on the road anytime you’re trailering.

Protect the Trailer Against Rust

When you get your boat to the marina, you’ll drive the trailer into the water to unload the boat itself. Though this might not seem like a problem, repeat trips to the water can lead to corrosion and rust along the frame, wheels and bolts on the trailer. Do yourself a favor and seal your trailer against rust at least once a year. You can buy aerosol sprays to coat the trailer at your local boat supply store. Apply it according to the directions on the package and keep an eye on the components over the course of the year. If you notice any severe rust, you may need to replace the damaged components before your next outing. Remember, rust weakens metal and while your OC boat insurance provider will cover the damage your boat suffers from any accidents, you still want to protect your watercraft.

Wrap Your Windshield

If you’ve ever driven on the highway, especially during dawn and dusk hours, you know that bugs have a way of splattering across your windshield. Though your car or truck’s mass will protect your boat to some extent, you’ll likely have some serious bug splatter on your boat’s windshield by the time you get to the water. Wrapping your windshield with plastic cling wrap before you leave home will make cleanup easier. All you have to do is remove the cling wrap and toss it in the trash.

Keep these tips for towing a boat in mind before you head out on your next trip. They’ll make the experience easier and far less stressful every single time.

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