First Time Boat Buying Tips

Boat buying is always an exciting experience, and nothing really compares to the first time!  Having a seaworthy vessel of one’s own is usually the culmination of years of daydreams and flipping through catalogs, so the purchase is a big deal.  But, don’t spoil the fun by going about that purchase the wrong way. Every new boat owner benefits from knowing a few smart, yet simple, tips.

First-Time Boat Purchasing, Tip 1: Start with a Budget

The first step when making a major purchase includes deciding on a few important features.  Before going out and getting set on a certain model, figure out how much is going in, how much is going out, and whether or not the boat is affordable.  Do this before picking one out so that the number determines the selection and not the other way around.

Know Your Needs

Once a person walks into the shop ready to pick out a boat, and the salesmen knows he means business, the process begins.  All the flashiest models that seem to be just a step or two above the price range get all the attention.  It is important to know ahead of time what kind of boat is needed.  Is it for fishing or for parties?  Is it for racing on the lake or floating down the estuary?  Know this beforehand to avoid spending too much.

Get Some Training

Every year, thousands of teenagers who are certified to drive by the state are given brand new vehicles.  This is not always a smart idea.  The same is true for boating – just because the boat is in the driveway, and just because the owner is certified does not mean they are ready.  Take some classes to learn all the safety measures, and maybe take a course on how to operate the specific boat that was just bought.  This is the best way to avoid a tragic story about a sunken ship.

Stay Safe Always

When operating a boat of one’s own, it does not diminish the need for safety.  Learn the laws and regulations and abide by them and use common sense to avoid a problem.  Operating a boat may feel freer than driving down the road, but it can be just as dangerous.  Boating safely makes sure boating stays fun.

Insure Properly

Finally, first-time boat buyers must be sure to insure the new boat properly.  Find out what each state requires – boating insurance in California varies in Florida, for example.  Be sure to speak to a knowledgeable agent who can walk through all of the ins and outs for a new boat so that as much of the risk of operating that mighty new machine can be absorbed through the proper channels.

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