Five Benefits of Mariners Odyssey® Program

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive yacht insurance policy that covers risks such as oil pollution liability, and provides value-added coverages such as Tenders and PWC coverage and substitute yacht coverage, look no further than the Mariners Odyssey® Program. Read on for five compelling reasons why it’s an outstanding option.

Benefit #1: It’s Priced Competitively.

Mariners quotes its Mariners Odyssey® Program directly, rather than through a third party, which keeps costs down.

Benefit #2: It Offers Coverages Most Other Yacht Insurance Policies Don’t Offer.

(Two examples are that Mariners Odyssey® includes defense costs in addition to the liability settlement amount and includes consequential damage protection.)

Benefit #3: It Covers Broader Navigational Areas.

Wherever your high-seas adventures take you, odds are good that the Mariners Odyssey® Program is effective where you’re going.

Benefit #4: It Comes With Unsurpassed Claims Service.

Whether you experience a claim domestically or internationally, the Mariners Odyssey® Program is designed to achieve a swift resolution.

Benefit #5: Users Receive Unparalleled Customer Service.

The Mariners team comprises boaters who understand boaters’ concerns and challenges. Mariners is uniquely equipped to deliver outstanding customer service.

Yacht Insurance: Not All Policies are Equal

Investopedia defines “yacht insurance” with a broad definition: it’s an “insurance policy that provides indemnity liability coverage on pleasure boats.” The standard coverages on yacht insurance policies are for bodily injury and property damage. Beyond that, the devil is in the details. If you own a yacht, it’s critical to do your homework before selecting a policy so you and your beloved vessel are well protected.

About Mariners Insurance

Mariners Insurance was founded in 1959 to protect boat owners and marine business clients. We are marine insurance experts, and insure boats worldwide – in every ocean on the planet. Marine insurance is critical if you own a boat or nautical business. Trust the professionals – trust Mariners Insurance. Call us, 888-402-5018, any time you have questions or concerns about insurance for your vessel or marine business.