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Five Ways to Prepare for Your Mexico Boating Trip

Five Ways to Prepare for Your Mexico Boating Trip

Mexico is a top destination for U.S. boaters looking for an international adventure, but one that’s not too incredibly far from home. Some of the necessary steps to prepare for your voyage are obvious. You’ll need to secure plenty of provisions, map out the ports you’ll visit along the way, and secure Mexico Insurance for your vessel. Read on for five additional tips for boating in international waters from the GetMyBoat website.

Educate Yourself on Regional Boating Hazards

Whenever you’re boating in unfamiliar waters you should talk to local boaters about regional hazards. Depending on where you’ll be traveling, these could include unmarked shipwrecks and hidden rocks, seasonal jellyfish bloom, and even the risk of otters trying to jump onto your boat. Online forums are usually a great source of helpful information.

Find Out About Medical Precautions You Should Take

It’s well known to most Americans that it’s best to stick to bottled water and forego ice in Mexico to avoid contracting the gastrointestinal illness known as Montezuma’s Revenge. Talk to your American doctor about any specific vaccinations you should have or medications you should bring with you when traveling to Mexico.

Identify Ports with Customs Checkpoints

Not all Mexican ports have customs check points. Conduct research online to identify which cities have international ports (and which are least crowded) and plan your journey accordingly.

Have the Correct Paperwork

When you enter a foreign country, you’ll need to show proper documentation. To enter Mexico, you and all of your passengers will need a valid passport, your boat registration and insurance, and pet documentation if applicable.

Brush Up On Cultural Etiquette

Many Mexican customs are different than American norms. The more respectful you are of the local customs, the warmer your reception will be.  Additionally, knowing what to expect (many shops in Mexico close for siesta, for example) will help you plan and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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