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How to Host an Excellent (and Safe) Boat Party

How to Host an Excellent (and Safe) Boat Party

Memorial Day Weekend is coming up, and you still have time to prepare to host a celebratory boat party. It’s important to have everything taken care of ahead of time so you can go all out on the water. If you’re trying to plan something unique and memorable, then plan a party on a boat. Nothing beats a little relaxation and fun while on the water, especially when it’s done right. While we want to have fun, it’s also important to be safe while we’re at it. Check out these tips on how to host a safe boat party, courtesy of Sailo.

Determine Your Budget

If you’re trying to host a fun and safe boat party, the first thing you’re going to want to do is determine your budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend is key, and will ultimately make or break your party. There’s some key things you need to figure out, including what type of boat you’ll be on, your insurance coverage, how many guests to invite, the catering, entertainment and the logistics of transportation. Once you figure out your budget, you can start planning out the rest.

Create a Guest List

Once you know how many people you plan on inviting and the size of your boat, it’s time to start creating a guest list for the big day. This part is one of the most important parts because it determines a lot of safety factors, especially if you end up hosting a big party. Make sure you have insurance that’ll cover your guests in the event of some kind of accident, and make sure your boat will be able to safely hold all of the guests you’re inviting.

Book in Advance

Plan, plan, plan ahead! This is especially important if you’re going to rent out a boat. If you have your own vessel, then this step won’t apply to you. But if you’re going to rent, then you need to make sure you know what’s going on. If you want a Memorial Day party, then you’re going to have to book in advance, and be prepared for whatever the holidays will bring.

Plan Your Entertainment

This part is huge, because it will simply make or break your party. Figure out what kind of music or entertainment you’re going to have for the evening, and make sure everything runs safely and smoothly. Going into party planning with a theme in mind can also make the party experience that much more fun. Your food can be planned accordingly by theme, but don’t forget about your guests with food allergies. Make sure there’s something available for everyone.

Prioritize Transportation and Safety

If you’re having a party, people are going to have to go home at some point. Make sure everyone gets a cab home, or you can also have some people camp out on the boat. Arrange a pickup and drop-off location for all of your guests to utilize.

Finally, make sure that you, your boat, your guests, and other boaters will be safe at the party. Whether you’re in Newport Beach or the Hamptons, no boat party should happen without Boat Insurance to keep the party and its guests protected. Talk to your agent and ensure that your policy will extend to protect your guests as well as you and your vessel. Happy boating!


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