How to Reduce Your Boat’s Pollution

If you’re like many of us, you probably take as many steps as possible to live green. Maybe you set your recycling bin out at the curb for weekly pick up, always recycle aluminum cans, or try to select retailers that provide environmentally-friendly services. Or maybe you even take things as far as driving an electric car or choosing only household cleaners that are certified safe.

But did you know that your boat could be another area where you could help keep Mother Nature happy? Here are a few tips for reducing your boat’s impact on the environment.

Take Steps to Prevent Pollution

There are numerous steps you can take to help prevent pollution from your boating adventures. First, take precautions to prevent spillage during fueling. You may also consider learning about how to contain a fuel or oil spill if one occurs and the steps necessary to keep it from spreading.

Blackwater (sewage discharge) and graywater (untreated water) disposal may also cause irreparable damage to the environment. Discover what steps you need to take at your local body of water to keep these from causing a negative impact.

Reduce Littering

We all know how fun it can be to spend a few days out on the lake or ocean. However, it is still important to keep a key rule in mind of bringing any litter you create back with you on land. Stock up on sturdy trash bags for beverage, food, and other packaging and dispose of it after your adventure is over.

Utilize Eco-Friendly Products

When planning your next excursion on the water, it is important to remember to bring along eco-friendly products. This includes personal items like soaps and shampoos, but could also include sunscreens that can rinse off your skin while swimming. You’ll also want to select dish detergent, toilet paper, and other similar goods specifically designed for boat use that won’t add to the pollution problem.

Take Special Care During Boat Maintenance

Another way to reduce the environmental impact of owning your boat is to take special care during maintenance tasks. If you’re repainting the bottom of your boat, choose paints designed to be ecologically safe. Also, check to make sure your bilge and engine are operating properly to reduce the risk of releasing harmful chemicals into the water.

There are numerous reasons to get out on the open water. However, be sure to keep these special tips in mind to ensure you’re always doing what’s best for the environment.

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