How to Run a Safe and Successful Regatta

Regattas are large-scale boat races, and they can happen anywhere, ocean or lake. Hosting an annual regatta can have features like children’s activities, BBQs, raffles, beer gardens and more, according to Cottage Life, as well as a multitude of races: canoe, kayak, paddle boat, swimming and running. It’s a great way for people to be involved in their local community, to be social and have a good time, and it’s a great way to bring new business to your marina or yacht club.

If you don’t know where to start, this blog might be able to divulge a little information for you. Here’s how to run a regatta, courtesy of Sail1Design.

Who Plays a Role?

You’re going to need some key members to make sure that your regatta is going to run smoothly. The core people you will need include:

  • Directors, Head Instructors
  • Coaches
  • Club Managers
  • Volunteers
  • Race Officers
  • Board Members/Junior Sail Committee Members

Taking Care of the Details

Here are all of the details to consider when putting on a regatta at your marina:

  • Pick a Good Date – It’s imperative to pick a decent date that works for you and with all of the other clubs around you. Whatever you do, don’t plan your regatta on the same day as another club that’s not that far away. If that ends up happening, the attendance for both will subsequently drop. Most clubs have had the same regattas for years, so it’s important to keep those in mind when doing any planning.
  • Marketing the Event – This is the perfect opportunity to utilize sailing registration websites, your clubs website and Facebook pages. Club directors can contact other clubs in your area and inform them of your event. Talking to other clubs, essentially networking, is what’s going to bring about the numbers for your regatta. It’s not only a sign of good faith, but it’s also helping clubs better prepare for the regatta.
  • Make a Working Plan – Everyone needs to know their roles they’re playing during the regatta. Make sure everyone is aware of what they’re supposed to be doing the day of the event and how the flow is supposed to go. As long as everyone follows the rules, everything will run smoothly.
  • Have Working Equipment – Boats should be checked before the event to ensure that they are fully operational. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure all of your equipment is working or you have multiples of it. You’ll also need all the necessary flags, horns, radios, and marks with sufficient length lines.
  • Have Competent Race Committee – Scoring is one of the most important aspects of the race. Make sure you have the best people possible judging it. Allocate enough people and resources to the scorers so scoring is as accurate as possible.
  • Have Attractions – Have some fun things for people to do while at the races. It’ll keep peak interest in the event, especially for those who brought their children to the regatta. It’s always good to make these types of events an all ages event.
  • Have Insurance – Regattas can be very fun, but without proper planning or with just a little bad luck, they can bring a number of additional liabilities to your marina. Having a comprehensive marina insurance policy will help to keep your operation and its customers protected while maximizing the regatta’s fun.

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