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How to Select the Name for Your Boat

How to Select the Name for Your Boat

You’ve decided to purchase a boat. Congratulations! Now you get to figure out what you want to name your boat, because every boat has a name, right? Some people wonder why they should name their boat. Not only does it create something unique for your audience to remember, but helps create a bond between you and your boat.

Naming your boat may not be rocket science, but there are a few important things to consider when coming up with the perfect name that will infuse your character and the boat’s charm. Here are a few tips.


While being creative works well, it’s also important to consider different elements of why you need a name. Having a clear name that is easy to pronounce if you need to communicate with someone makes the difference. Simple names with one or two syllables are easy to say and remember.


Avoid them. You want a name that will resound you and has special meaning. What makes your boat unique? Consider those qualities and start from there. The last thing you want is to have a name that not only sounds a little weird, but is a lot like everyone else’s.


Good boat names are very personal and reveal a few things about the owner. Whether simple and quiet or really funny, the name of your boat should shine through your personality.


Choose a name that’s fun and easy to remember. Consider playing with words you use to describe and combine then. It’s a cool and unique way to do something different.

Now that you’ve considered a few names and have everything sorted out, it’s time to figure out where you want to put the name. When putting the name of the boat, it’s best to consider the location. You want it to be prominently displayed so if there’s an emergency, the Coast Guard will be able to find you and assist.

Take your time when choosing your boat’s name. You’ll also want to search for a boat insurance policy to protect your belongings and the safety of others when on your boat. Making sure you take all the necessary precautions to make sure you’re covered is key. For more information on naming your boat or getting an insurance policy, contact an agent at Mariners Insurance today.

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