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How Your Marina Can Reduce Pollution

How Your Marina Can Reduce Pollution

Having the best Marina Insurance ensures that you’re ready to handle everything else that has to do with your marina, including pollution. There are multiple ways that your marina can reduce pollution. Staying clean is the biggest way to prevent pollution, and it will ultimately save money as well. Preventing pollution means not only not creating waste, but managing current waste and mitigating its harmful effects on the ecosystem. Marinas deal with many things that affect the environment, and the best way to combat that is by managing waste properly. Check out this list of ways your marina can reduce pollution and reduce your marina insurance rates.

Keep Track of Your Oil and Fuel

Oil and fuel are toxic to the environment, posing a threat to all marine life, according to Ocean Conservancy. Oil spills are way too common in modern days, with there even being lists online of the top spills since 2010. What might not seem like a big deal actually is. That means that maintaining your storage and fuel tanks is imperative. Any leak can be disastrous for the environment. This means that you always need to stay clean in order to protect the environment. Keeping your areas clean and well organized can help prevent an accident. Another way to prevent pollution is by fixing any leaks immediately rather than allowing them to release runoff into the water.

Maintain Sewage Pollution

No one really thinks about their sewage. It may not be a pleasant topic, but you should be thinking about it. A single overboard discharge of human waste in a shallow enclosed area like a bay can be detected across one square mile. That means that you need to keep track of your human waste in order to stifle pollution. When you let waste off into the ocean, it disrupts the natural balance of chemicals in the water, which poses a human health hazard.

Be Aware of Vessel and Maintenance Repair

Having a boat in the water isn’t the problem. Maintaining the boat in the water by sanding, degreasing, cleaning or painting is a core problem that produces pollution. It has been found that particles in paint can block life-giving sunlight in the water, which is hazardous to marine life, as well as cleaning chemicals, which can be deadly.

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