Identifying Common Boat Builder Safety Hazards

The boat building industry is one that faces a specific and particular set of perils. From operating in tight spaces to working with hazardous and potentially fatal chemicals, these professionals face various exposures on a day to day basis. However, with the following information at hand and the right Boat Builder Insurance policy, liability and risk can be prevented.

In addition to the above-mentioned risks, ship builders are often exposed to the elements, must work at exceptional heights, manage heavy equipment, and more. Therefore, according to the International Labor Office, here are some other common risk exposures boat builders face:

Physical Threats

  • Weather and temperature extremes while working outdoors.
  • Ergonomic risks associated with repetitive lifting of heavy and bulky materials.
  • Electrical risks.
  • Ionizing and nonionizing radiation.

Chemical Exposures

  • Mineral fibers and asbestos exposure while working on insulation for the vessel.
  • Vapors and spray mists from paints, coatings, solvents, and thinners.
  • Fumes from various welding, burning, soldering, and brazing operations.
  • Gas exposure from heating, burning, and welding processes.

To prevent these injuries and potential risks, plenty of care and caution should be taken. First, the proper training should be conducted by senior management. After all, your employees can’t prevent injuries from exposures they don’t know exist. Next, common exposures from chemicals can be prevented by using safer alternatives wherever possible. If harmful chemicals must be used, such as in paints or insulation, they should be used in isolation.

Most importantly, ensure your employees are wearing the necessary personal protective gear. As this is their first line of defense against injury, goggles, gloves, and safety equipment should be required at all times.

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