Keep an Eye on Weather While Boating

If you’ve been a boater for a while, you probably have at least one hair-raising story involving a weather system that “came out of nowhere” and challenged your ability as a captain. There are certain things every boat owner needs. They need a comprehensive Boating Insurance policy. They need a general understanding of the mechanics of their boat, so they can troubleshoot if something goes wrong on the water. They also need a battery-operated weather radio that they consult often. If you want to stay safe on the water, you need to keep an eye on weather while boating.

Red Flags to Watch For

There are certain phenomena that signal that a change in the weather is coming. Shifting winds, changing cloud decks, the sudden emergence of rips and eddies may seem minor on their own. But when you notice multiple changes in the weather coming on quickly, it’s time to put your storm preparation into high gear. These phenomenon, according to Boating Magazine, are indications that sea conditions are about to change. If you can return to shore, you probably should. If that’s not an option, it’s time to summon your passengers and crew, don your life jackets, and batten down the hatches.

Have Fun, but Remain Vigilant

It can be tough to stay weather-aware when you are out on the water with friends and family on a sunny day. You may be immersed in baiting hooks or towing skiers. You’re delighting passengers as you speed downwind as the tide comes in. You’re flying over swells, dipping into troughs, and everyone is having a grand time harnessing Mother Nature’s power. The thing is, Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor. You may decide it’s time to head back to the dock and lo and behold, you turn the wheel and are hit with a steady 25-knot wind. Those faces that were smiling moments ago are now terror-stricken. Keep an eye on the weather and read the signs to avoid harried end to an otherwise amazing day.

Even the safest skipper can fall victim to a freak storm that churns up swamping waves, a fire-starting lightning strike, or a micro-burst that sends the boat slamming into a piling. That’s what insurance is for. As cautious as you may be, you can never eliminate all risks. Be prepared for them with excellent insurance from Mariners Insurance. Contact us at 800-992-4443.