Key Topics for Marina Management

Managing the Marina

An enthusiastic and diligent marina manager is always appreciated.  With so much enjoyment on the water, if important measures are neglected, enjoyment can quickly turn into misfortune.  A few important topics to consider for anyone involved in marina management include pollution, prompt responses to emergencies, and proper safety measures in place.

Storm Water Runoff

A marina manager is responsible for keeping the water clean.  That includes staying vigilant to dangerous runoff areas.  Most states require that every marina maintain a written plan on preventing a storm from washing hazardous materials into the water.   Such materials include oil from the dock or parking lot, solvents and paint, waste from vessels, or even used batteries.  Training on this issue is essential, even mandatory, for most marina managers.

Littering & Pollution

Unfortunately, litter and pollution from patrons on the water is a common problem. However, this is not always intentional.  A marina manager is always vigilant of colored plumes or a sheen near or in the water.  Always approach the individuals believed in causing the problem with caution and respect.

This is especially true for those intentionally polluting.  Unclean discharge from a boat’s bilges or sewage treatment, even something as mundane as trash thrown into the water, must be addressed at once for the safety of the environment.

Emergency Response

Aside from keeping the water clean, the marina manager is tasked with keeping the people safe.  Accidents happen on the water, so every marina must have an emergency response plan in place.  Train every staff member and keep up to date on the procedures for what to do in case of a collision, a drowning, oil spills, and other emergencies.  Public health officials and first responders are great resources to help with developing such a plan.

Communication and Signage

Knowing and communicating the rules and best practices for maintaining a safe, healthy marina effectively is imperative for a manager.  The docks, the marina, and even the parking lots should contain plenty of signs explaining the rules and procedures.  Offering training and safety courses for boaters, fishers, and other seafarers is a smart course of action.  This, of course, extends to staff training as well.  The marina staff should be constantly kept up to date and held accountable onappropriate behavior and policies.

Marina Insurance

Solid marina insurance is imperative for any marina manager.  Accidents happen, lawsuits occur, and all trouble cannot be foreseen.  The experts at Mariners General Insurance Group tailor specific policies for marinas, as well as access to experienced experts who can provide sound advice to keep your marina running smoothly.

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