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Mexican Liability Boat Insurance Basics

Mexican liability

Boating offers the freedom of wide-open waters, with nearly endless choices for destinations. Mexico’s warm weather and inexpensive ports make it an appealing option, but before you point your bow south and chart your route into Mexican territory, make sure you are prepared for the journey. Knowing what to expect can save you a great deal of stress, and ensuring you have your legal requirements in order is imperative. Even if you only intend to take a weekend trip, you are obligated to carry the appropriate Mexican liability coverage.

Why You Need a Separate Policy

Your standard liability insurance does not protect you from accidents that occur in Mexico’s waters, ports or marinas. Upon entering the country, boaters must be prepared to show proof of mexican liability boat insurance in the event that you get in an accident that causes bodily injury or damages to third-party property. According to the country’s law, coverage is required regardless of the length of your stay.

What Mexico Liability Insurance Covers

Policies are available for almost any type of watercraft, from yachts to PWCs, as long as it is for personal use. It is important to understand that this type of insurance only protects you from liability damages that result from an accident on the water. Mexican liability boat insurance meets the country’s legal requirement for financial responsibility in the event you are involved in an accident that leads to third-party injuries or property damage.

Before you purchase your insurance, make sure you are prepared with information about your boat, including:

  • Boat make and model
  • Vessel age, length and maximum speed
  • Boat classification (i.e. sailboat, PWC or powerboat)
  • Hull ID number
  • Registration information
  • DL information for primary driver

If you have a dinghy on your vessel, provide that information as well. You also need to be sure to let your agent or broker know if you intend to have any drivers under the age of 21.

What Is Not Covered by Mexico Boat Insurance

A liability policy is not full-coverage insurance. When you purchase a Mexican liability policy for your trip to Mexico, the following exclusions generally apply:

  • Cargo, commercial, rental and passenger vessels are ineligible.
  • Racing or competition boats, even when personally owned, are not provided for in this type of coverage.
  • Accidents that occur on land are not covered. If you are towing your boat, you need a separate policy.
  • Physical damage to your own boat is not protected.
  • Injuries to yourself or your passengers require an additional policy.

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