Always Keep Updated and Informed

National Boat Week and Safe Boating tips for Summer

National Boat Week is set up to provide consumers with all the information they need to have a fun and safe summer. A few of the following subjects they cover.


-Owners of any type of watercraft should take one of the boat Safety courses offered by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary and the U.S. Power Squadrons. The Department of Boating and Waterways offers an online court called the California Boating Safety Course. These courses offer important information such as:

-What you should know about the weather forecast prior to the day you will be out on on the water. That means all inland lakes, or a large body of water like the ocean. They also provide the most accurate weather report for your area.

-The radio and the marine Emergency Distress calls. There is a procedure that needs to be used in an emergency. It is important that you understand how to identify yourself and where you are located.


Safety Equipment

 –Life Jackets could mean the difference between life and death. There are various types of life jackets available to you such as an offshore life jacket used for coastal cruising, a life jacket for a child to be used for general recreational boating or a near-shore buoyant vest, which would be used for non-swimmers.

-Life Flotation aids, are not to be confused with Life Jackets, are for used for hunting or fishing while canoeing, or participating in high-speed activities.

-Safety equipment such as a fire extinguishers, flares, extra life jackets, anchor, cable line, bucket, first aid kit, flashlight and distress devices.

– In larger boats a radio, depth sounding device,spare parts and mooring lines.


Boater’s Responsibilities

All boaters need to protect the waterways by having respect and enforcing the good health of the waters used for boating. A few handy tips on doing your part.

-Take all trash out of your boat and any you find out in the water to the marina trash area.

-Limit in-water maintenance

-Any cleaning of the boat needs to be done on dry land.

-Always use environmentally safe wax, cleaners

-Use biodegradable products

-Respect the rules of the waterways including mooring in or out of the marina.

-Always have extra rags or towels for spill-overs on board.

-Check all sporting equipment (tubes, boards) etc.


Out of Water checks

 It is always important to check the boat for any damage before you put it in the water as well as:

-All ropes must be checked for fraying.

-The trailer hitch on your vehicle.

-The trailer wheels and winch.

-Boat owners need the mandatory license, insurance, registrations for the boat,motor and the plating of the trailer.

Boating is an awesome way to relax in the summer and/or holidays. The safety rules and regulations are there for a reason. It is also important to respect fellow boaters and more important, the people who are swimming around the same area in which you are boating