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Offshore Boat Storage Tips for Hurricane Season 2020

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It is now officially hurricane season. Hurricanes can hit anywhere along the Gulf and East Coasts, so if you do plan to head out to sea, keep an eye on NOAA’s hurricane tracker. However, even when you are not in the water, finding safe offshore boat storage during hurricane season is a good idea. With predictions for an active hurricane season this year, hedging your bets with dock storage is risky. Here are some tips for selecting the best storage to protect your boat this season.

Check Your Coverage

Now is a good time to check your boat insurance. Make sure that your coverage provides adequate protection for hurricane damage. Examine your policy for any stipulations for storage and for what types of storm damages or situations are not covered. This information can help guide your choice of storage options.

Choose a Location

A quick search for “boat storage near me” will provide you with a list of places closest to where you live. This is a good place to start for those who head out to sea frequently, but if you only take your vessel out a couple of times during the season, you might want to consider looking for storage in those places that are less likely to get hit by a strong hurricane. Historical data can help you narrow down a safer, and still convenient, region to rent boat storage.

Determine Storage Type

Once you have narrowed down the general area, it is time to determine what type of storage you need. For offshore storage, you have two choices: indoor and outdoor facilities. Each has its own benefits and an array of available options depending on the company. Understand your specific needs, and then choose which type is best for you.

Indoor Boat Storage

While an indoor facility provides the best overall protection from the elements, it is also the most expensive and most difficult to find. The prevalent dedicated boat storage facility style is one with dry-stack storage, a good choice if you don’t plan on many outings, but not very convenient for those who take multiple trips each season. Another viable option is to locate self-storage facilities suitable for your vessel.

Outdoor Boat Storage

By far the easiest to locate, many outdoor boatyards offer the benefit of ease of access, as well as more affordable prices. To determine whether a facility is safe for storage during hurricane season, look for these key elements:

  • Located inland, away from the strongest forces of a storm
  • Situated on higher ground, which is less vulnerable to surge flooding
  • Hurricane anchors available to secure your vessel
  • Room to unstep a mast if your boat has one
  • Solid footing for your jacks

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