Reasons for Sailing to Croatia


The Republic of Croatia, located in Eastern Europe, offers a wide range of experiences for its visitors. It has rich history that you can sense in its ancient cities, and its national parks let you experience the wonders of nature. Moreover, its coast along the Adriatic Sea has hundreds of islands, making it one of the best places to visit in your boat.

Sailing to Croatia is a worthwhile experience, and here are some reasons why:

Modern Marinas to Welcome You

Croatia knows how to pamper sailors as they dock their boats in one of its marinas. These are designed with modern amenities, including a place to shower and an access to laundry service. There also car rentals close by if you want to tour the place, or you can choose to drink and dine in a nearby restaurant or bar. While rather costly, marinas in the country are among the best so it’s worth it.


Different Destinations, Different Experiences

There many routes you can take while visiting Croatia, and the destination islands offer different experiences.  Depending on what you enjoy, you can choose from many options, some of which are as follows:

·         If you prefer to visit the popular islands and not miss out on the “must-do” activities for visitors, then you can start off from Split and go island hopping at Vis, Hvar, Lastovo, Korcula, and Mljet.  From there, head to the mainland and cap if off with a stop-over at Dubrovnik.

·         If you want to go to less visited islands, then you can start off from Split and head north to the Kornati group of islands, a place that boasts many natural wonders.

You can visit the mainland towns of Rogoznica and Sibenik, then view Krka Falls, which has been proclaimed as a heritage site. From there, you can visit the islands of Kornat and Dugi Otok along the Dalmatian coast, after which you can head off to Zadar, Biograd, Primosten, and finally, to Trogir.

·         You can also visit Cres and Krk, which are part of the Kornati islands, and then visit Rijeka and Pula on the mainland.

·         You can sail to Montenegro, located south of Dubrovnik, and then to Kotor and Perast.

It is said that a whole summer is not enough to visit all the places in this area of the Adriatic Sea. It can be considered a paradise for boat owners as they can go island hopping to their hearts’ desire and still have more to visit.

Plenty to Explore in Croatia

·         Places to Visit

Croatia features ancient cities and historical sites that make visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time. Walking along the cobbled streets in comfortable footwear, you can take pleasure in these places that have been there for hundreds of years.

Dating back to the medieval times, for instance, is a walled city with watchtowers, accessible via a centuries-old harbor. Pula features its amphitheater; Split has its Diocletian’s Palace; while Korcula, Dubrovnik, and Sibenik have old towns that you can visit.

·         What to Do

Regardless of what your interests are, be it sailing, swimming, diving, rafting, hiking, cycling, climbing, or simply taking strolls, there is something in Croatia for you.

During the summer months, the seas are flat so you can enjoy a calm cruise. You can sail along Croatia’s 1,800-kilometer mainland coast, which offers plenty of places to visit. Strong Bora winds and summer storms may come, but there are places to find shelter to weather them through.

Of Croatia’s 718 islands, only 67 are inhabited and only 47 of these have people permanently living in them.  Visitors can enjoy visiting the well-protected national parks and following the paths to rapids, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes.

The country also has 78 reefs and 389 islets.  Swimming is safe as only the only dangerous marine animals are the spiny sea urchins found in concrete pillars and on rocks. Diving gloves and sneakers are advised if you are diving in the areas where they live.

·         What to Eat

In Croatia, you can cap a day of adventure with a sumptuous meal and some drinks.  You can relax in a local tavern or bring some of the local fare to your boat.

With its abundant waters and fertile valleys, you can expect to partake in some excellent cuisine.  From seafood to local cheeses to fresh produce like figs, olives, grapes, pomegranates, and tomatoes, your palate will be treated to food bursting with flavor.

You may even notice that there are more fruit trees and vegetables than there are ornamental plants – this is because Croatians like to grow their own gardens.

There is so much to discover and explore in Croatia that, after sailing there once, it’s highly likely that you would want to come back for more.