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Sailboat Buying Guide: Survey Checklist

It’s easy to get caught up in the glamour and excitement of boat ownership, but making the right decision is still important. We’re going to explore how taking your time and evaluating a sailboat survey can ensure you make the right decision. Even more importantly, address your insurance needs with a Boat Insurance policy.

Take your time.

As caught up as one might get, it’s important to attempt to make thoughtful decisions. Taking your time can ensure you find the right model at the right price from the right dealer. Dealers should not pressure you into purchasing a boat that you aren’t sold on. In fact, doing research ahead of time and understanding the market value for your desired sailboat can prevent these types of situations from occurring.

Sailboat survey checklist.

Before buying a boat, a comprehensive survey should be taken. Here are some highlights, according to Sailboat Surveys.

  • Deck and deck core: Inspection includes visual examination for moisture penetration and delamination
  • Deck fittings such as cleats and chainplates: Will be inspected for soundness, water-tightness, and miscellaneous damage and wear. When water or moisture gets into the deck core, delamination can result.
  • Hatches, lockers, and lazarettes: Will be inspected for fit and operation, signs of damage, excess caulking that could indicate prior repairs, stress cracks, and wear and tear. Ideally, all lockers and lazarettes will be empty, or can be emptied, so that the surveyor can get a good look at the entire interior.
  • Mast, boom, and pole inspection.
  • The boat’s interior, layout, galley, and cabin floors.
  • Bilge pumps, fuel system, and hulls.
  • Steering, anchors, electrical equipment, plumbing and safety equipment.

Before buying a boat, ensure that the above-mentioned items are in good working order and that it is priced fairly based on the survey findings.

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