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Seasickness Prevention and Minimizing its Effects

Seasickness Prevention

Seasickness can have a sneaky onset with a range of severity. While it is very common, luckily there are some simple ways to minimize the effects of seasickness. Before setting sail anywhere, it is in your best interest to secure boat insurance so you’re protected on the water. Boating is far from a risk-free activity, but you can take advantage of these seasickness prevention remedies and have peace of mind knowing you are adequately insured.


Ginger is a great inexpensive seasickness remedy that can be taken in a variety of ways, whether it be just swallowing slices whole, eating it candied, or brewed in a tea.

It has been found to be a proven seasickness prevention method to reduce or prevent nausea altogether. If you’re not a fan of the taste, consider taking ginger capsules.

Fresh Air

It may seem a little obvious, but fresh air really works miracles for clearing your head. Being positioned higher on the boat with plenty of exposure to fresh air can help minimize the effects of seasickness. Hanging out at the front of the boat and enjoying the views is a very simple way to help keep you clearer headed and minimize seasickness.

Look to the Horizon

If you have a landmass or steady object to keep track of, it can help your sense of balance.  Focusing on the horizon is a good way to help manage seasickness since motion sickness is partly caused by conflicting sensory signals to your brain – your eyes are telling it everything is still (such as the inside of the boat), while your inner ear balance mechanism says you’re in motion. Keeping an eye on the horizon can give the brain a point of reference, allowing it to get a better sense of the moving boat and your body’s movement with it.


Sea bands are elastic bracelets with a stud on the inside of the band. This stud presses an acupressure point that is believed to relieve nausea. Many travelers swear by these trusty bracelets and they’re relatively inexpensive and available in most pharmacies.


There are many drugs a doctor can give for interrupted neural activity. Typically, these drugs come as a pill, which you should take before the symptoms begin. You can also get extended release patches (sold as scopolamine) that stick behind your ear.

Food Choices

The best foods to help prevent and minimize the effects of seasickness are light and bland items, such as saltine crackers, plain bread, or pretzels. It is better to have a little bit of food in your stomach rather than an empty stomach but be careful not to eat too much.

Avoid Certain Stimuli

Harmful triggers may include greasy, spicy, or acidic foods, large meals, and alcohol. It is best to stay away from any noxious odors if possible.

Choose Itinerary Carefully

For proactive seasickness prevention, you might want to only sail on larger ships and create or choose itineraries that go through calmer bodies of water. Also, newer ships are normally equipped with the latest stabilization systems, to help reduce strong rocking motion.

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