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Securing Your Boat For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the official start of the hurricane season. While boat owners are busily setting up their vessels for the water and organizing their trips out on wide, blue oceans, it is equally important to prepare to weather the storm in the event a hurricane hits where you dock or sail. This is especially true this year as this storm season is predicted to be particularly active.

How Many Hurricanes Will There Be in 2020?

NOAA predicts an active year for named storms and is forecasting a higher than average number of systems during the hurricane season months that begin in June and last until the end of November. It is essential to be prepared for severe weather out on the water, as well as when your vessel is anchored or docked on the coast.

How Can Boat Owners Prepare for the Active Season?

It is critical that you plan ahead to keep yourself safe and your vessel secure. You need an approach for secure docking, as well as for when you are anchored. Keeping a keen eye on the skies and an ear to the weather radio is crucial during the hurricane season so that you can implement your plans before conditions become dangerous.

Prepare an Evacuation Plan

Whether you are a weekend boater or live aboard your vessel, lay out precise details for evacuation for you, your family and pets. Write them down and review them often. The risks could be greater for storm impacts this year, so be mindful of system formations and predicted tracks. Move your boat onshore and away from the coast when possible and secure your boat well when not.

Ensure You Have Adequate Hurricane Season Insurance

If you are docked in a hurricane-prone region, it is likely that your boat insurance contains hurricane coverage. You want to make sure this is the case. Know what stipulations are attached to your policy, and check with your marina’s storm evacuation requirements. If you live aboard your vessel, you will need to be aware of any additional steps you need to take to ensure you are protected from the impacts of a storm event.

Secure Your Boat

Hauling your boat inland is preferential to keeping it out on the water, but if you must weather the storm sitting in the marina or out at sea, take the following precautions this hurricane season to secure your vessel:

  • Moor your boat where waves will not have the opportunity to build.
  • Locate your vessel where there will be the least amount of exposure to right-angle winds and remove any material that could potentially act as a sail.
  • Use long lines when you are moored to static docks or pilings.
  • Take extra care in anchoring, using helix anchors if possible and multiple anchors when needed.

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